Here I am.


I have been a writer since I wrote my first play in 3rd grade. It was about a girl who mailed herself to Santa Claus. My friends and I did the original production in front of the rest of the 3rd grade class.. It was a wild success!¬† I started writing short stories and poetry as a teen and just never stopped… I have written marketing materials, training manuals at various jobs as an adult and short, creative paragraphs just for fun.

In 2011 I stepped in the the blogosphere when I decided to internet blog about the challenging pregnancy I had just faced with Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, premature birth, a NICU stay and the death of one of my identical twin boys. This experience, this loss, flattened me. The grief was nothing I could have ever imagined and was so much more painful than I could have ever had guessed. It set me on a trajectory I would have never willingly chosen for myself….

I also started a couple of other different blogs in the past couple of years. I have written about the work I do, which can be considered interesting in of itself, by some…. I am a spiritual life coach, hypnotherapist, psychic, medium, yoga and meditation teacher. I have been doing this work professionally since 2004 and just finished my yoga teacher certification in 2016. I’ve been lucky enough to have had hundreds of clients and have taught over a thousand students. It’s still amazing to me when I think of it like that.

As a student of “Why are we here? What does it all mean?” as early as 5 years old, I have studied, watched, dived in and tried, worked to understand, challenged, read, dreamed, meditated, all in the name of learning and knowing more. I wanted to know it all. Some might have called me a seeker. I now understand that there is very little that I actually know and that I will always learn more. But I have gained an answer or two on a couple of things. At least it’s been enough to get me this far through my human life experience.

I have a strong sense of justice in my heart. It started young.¬† Just ask my mom. She tells stories of my cries of “It’s not fair!” when I deemed something as not being fair. My mom’s response was often “Life is not fair.” She was right, it’s not. But, I believe we can and, in my opinion, should, do all we can to make it is as equal and equitable as possible. Safe drinking water and living conditions, enough good food, health care and freedom to live as we wish as long we do not harm another are some of the key points that come to mind.

And then there is my surviving twin son. My beautiful boy whom I have the privilege of raising from the sparkling child he is now to, hopefully, a kind, compassionate, happy adult. This heart led, brilliant boy was also diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at 2.5 years old. Another unexpected trajectory.

Oh yeah, I am a single mom too. I haven’t dated in years and have experienced a couple of health challenges since mommyhood. Also had the joy of a CPS investigation, police, lawyers and the family court system…. Lions, Tigers and Bears…. Oh my.

And so why are we here – I am filling this blog with all things that interest me. I’ve tried to split my interests up into different blogs in an attempt to cater to different people but I learned instead that I got bored when I only wrote about one aspect of my life. If I can’t even interest myself in what I write, why do it? I remember as a flight attendant I would change my tone, pick up an accent, change my rate and rhythm of speech when I gave the safety briefing at the beginning of the flight so I wouldn’t get bored with hearing myself talk. Up side was that the passengers¬† would listen. It surprised them, I had fun and neither of us were bored anymore. Win/Win.

I am likely to be passionate, irreverent, angry, deeply saddened, filled with gratitude, sarcastic, maybe funny or poignant, ranting, celebrating, spreading the love and more with every topic I mentioned in this post, plus others I am sure….. Many passions.

Oh, and that One Love part? That is about the Energy that makes us all, all of us, connected. Whether we want to believe it, see it or act like it, we are all together in this together. One race. One earth. One universe. We are the ones we have been waiting for. No one’s going to save us but us. We have to save each other. It’s all on us. All of us.

Peace –