Wonder Woman

I remember specific times in my life when I decided I needed to transform something about myself, first career job with the airline, my divorce, becoming a flight attendant, and more and I remember making very specific choices so that I would be better aligned with the life I was creating. I guess this is why I was so drawn to taking Life Coaching…  As I have gotten older, and especially since I became a mom, I have somehow lost that simple, straightforward ability to transform. It’s not that I haven’t changed, I’ve changed a lot in that time, but it has not been my conscious choice that got me there but it was me adapting to the dramatic and traumatic changes that occurred in my life since 2010. I’m sure there are many reasons for this and I’m sure one of them is the fact that I am no longer living my life just for me but also for my son. Now this of course would seem to make me feel more likely to make changes… but alas, no. It’s harder. For so many reasons, it’s just harder…

Bring in the Wonder Woman movie… Yup, I said it. Yup, I saw it. And yup it affected me. Without going in to a lot of detail I will just explain that it was a scene in which young Wonder Woman was training to fight. Her trainer yells at her a number of times “You are stronger than that!” and Wonder Woman gets up after being knocked down and begins to fight again. And for whatever reason, the stars where aligned, I was ready, I actually felt that statement, and internalized it. It felt as though she was talking to me “You are stronger than that!” and I felt it, in my body… As silly as it seems, I felt it. My trainer was my life, the past 7 years especially. And life was screaming at me “YOU ARE STRONGER THAN THAT!”

And then I watched “What the Health” – All about just how bad meat is for us…. I’ve done meatless a couple of times in my life. The last time was when I found out I was pregnant. After I got past “morning” sickness and learned I was carrying twins I could not get enough animal protein in me.  Since then I have used protein, caffeine and sugar to function through the stress and lack of sleep since then but now I feel like crap…

And so here I am conscious transformation, starting with my diet. I just don’t feel well far too often these days. It’s time for a change… So, I am writing down all the physical annoyances, frustrations, and pain I feel in my body. Diffused all over body pain (diagnosed fibromyalgia), over weight, swollen ankles and throat, startings of arthritis, circles under my eyes, fatigue, nails breaking, dry skin patches, migraines, vertigo, belly pain, bouts of IBS, red eyes, sinus pain/pressure, bloating, sore throat, intolerance to heat, hives, muscle tightness and spasms….. I’m sure there is one or two that I am missing but I think I’ve got most of them listed.

So what I am doing, as of tomorrow, is a 10 day vegan smoothie extravaganza – no meat, no dairy, no gluten, no processed sugar, no soy but all the plant based foods I want. After I do this for 10 days I will weigh myself and go through my feeling like crap list and see how I feel. Then I’ll figure it out from there.

Wish me luck!

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