The Time for Hate is Done

The time for hate is done

I know that there may be many people who read this who might say “There is never a time for hate.” And I actually do believe that


I know in this human world, in our human fears, our human experience and our human emotions hate is a true experience. It is something real in our humanity. Whether it is one person, many people, a place, an experience, a thing, it’s honest and it’s real. Then what happens is when we come to a place when we finally admit that the hate that we have been carrying is harming us, not the other, we realize that it is not good for us and it is time to stop.

I never wanted to hate anyone. I never wanted to hate anything. But to deny that in my human experience that I haven’t felt hate would be a lie. And when we lie about the feelings that we have we are unable to accept them, heal them, change them, and release them. We are unable to do anything with them but be caught in their grasp.

So I am done being caught in the grasp of hate. Does it mean we are going to be friends? No. It does not mean we are going to be friends.  But what it does mean is that you are no longer allowed to take space in my head. You are no longer allowed to take space in my heart.  My hatred has pulled me off balance. My hatred has taken away my place of calm and peace and love. I believe I did it because I needed to, until I didn’t need to do it anymore. And now I know it is right to experience something different.

So you will continue to do whatever it is that you continue to do. My hating you or not hating you may or may not change that. But I do know that my reactions and my responses will change. Because when I don’t hate you I can see everything with clarity, honesty and in the highest truth. When I don’t hate you I don’t have to worry about what you are doing or what you are not doing.  How it might affect me and how you can hurt me. Or what secret intentions you might have. I see your actions as simply your actions. And I know my response is now coming from a place of balance, center and calm within me. That makes me stronger. That empowers me. When I hate you, I empower the hate. When I release that hate I empower myself. It is my hatred of you that makes me weak. It is actually healing the hate that allows me to be stronger and gives me all that I need to do what I need to do now to take care of myself.

And so, I no longer hate you. Because I love more.


Peace ~ Piperlyne


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