That Perfect Moment

I have hoped and prayed
Wished and desired
Struggled and fought
Over thought and acted on impulse

I have searched and waited
Cried and beseeched
Been the leader and the follower
The forgiver and the unforgiven

I have been lost and found
Stretched and contracted
Been fear and feared
Seen too much and not nearly enough

I have tried
I have lied
I have almost died
And yet still alone and confused

I give up, become quiet, surrender

And in that perfect moment
I understand that nothing of that is me
They were choices that I made
Perceptions I believed to be truth
Illusions that I saw

No longer

Now I know I am love and joy
Now I know I am truth and energy
Now I know I am purity and perfection
Just as I always have been

I am always and eternal




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