Welcome to Becoming Awakened

This is a time of deep and intense change and it is happening faster than it has ever occurred in humanity’s time here on earth.

Those lines of separation we have used to define, discern, discriminate, judge those things we “know” are dissolving. The definitions we have created to help us feel safe, used to define us vs. them are being erased. The beliefs that have evolved based off of what we have been able to prove or see are being torn apart. Our science and technology are showing us EVERY SINGLE DAY that many of the things most of us all agreed to be true are not or are not completely true. We had it wrong, we misunderstood, we did not see the full picture, we were missing some facts or the information was beyond our comprehension until it wasn’t any more. All of this is happening now.

What does this mean? Our physical, mental and emotional safety nets can’t keep us safe anymore. Our judgments are being proven wrong. Our definitions are disappearing and it seems like everything that is safe is being stripped away. If you are a human on this earth right now you are going to find this challenging, at the minimum, and terrifying at the most. It can seem as though everyone is out to get you, crush your beliefs and take away your way of life. That is only true to the extent that someone else is trying to continue to feel safe in this transformational time.  Many humans are scared and as those lines of separation, the very things we have created our worlds around, fade away we will scramble to hang on to them even more, ferociously fighting to keep these things that are not much more than the response to human group think. When enough of the group stop thinking that way the rules change.

In times like this our single saving grace is the fact that we, as humans, have the ability to question our thoughts, observe them without being attached to them, through self inquiry, and consciously adopt new beliefs and choose to change.  When we do this there is one single guarantee, and that guarantee is that we will find that we have been misinformed about, or misunderstood something, probably many things. This once again can be difficult, challenging and even terrifying. But if you step into it willingly and consistently it is less painful and the change happens more quickly. Be willing to be wrong, superficially. Be willing to possibly be wrong on the deepest level of what you think you know. This is what being enlightened is.

So what do those of us who understand this do? Well, this requires we look through those glasses of understanding with compassion to what we are all experiencing as humans as we make choices in fear, possibly even attacking others in our desire to feel right and safe.

We become a

Compassionate Warrior of Love.

At least that is my name for this job.

So, while we can refuse to do our job, it is still our job to do. We are in this together.


Welcome to becoming awakened.


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