To Be a Witness

Pay attention.

We humans have amazing capacity to adjust to almost anything, it’s a trait that has helped us survive. But sometimes it can cause us to think that it’s always been this way, when it really hasn’t. We can end up accepting things that we shouldn’t because it all happened so subtly, under the radar, or so quickly we were unable to process it so we lump it up and take it in.

I know there are those who do not like or don’t understand the all political posts I share on social media….

Some of my  new age friends (I use new age as a catch all phrase for the varied and different beliefs, philosophies I am including in this group) say to not focus on the negative only focus on the positive. And there is real truth in there, somewhere. But I don’t understand how ignoring the physical reality of the world we are in right now helps anything. Until we own where and what we are, we cannot transform. And more personally, for me to do that requires that I ignore part of who I am. I cannot do that. It is not how I am built. I have long felt as though one of my jobs on this planet was to be a witness. I cannot witness everything, but if something is brought to me I shall act as witness – good, bad, ugly, painful, beautiful, joyous, humorous. I define being a witness as someone who holds that which is being seen in sacred awareness. Yes, I said sacred because in my eyes it is all sacred, even the ugliness, because the ugliness breaks down those untrue beliefs that keep us apart so that we can be free to connect with the rest of Us.

So I am a witness. And in that duty I cannot hide my head nor my heart from the pain, fear, lying, rage in this country, in this world. And it is hard. I am moved to tears almost every day. I feel the pain. I work very hard to balance my work as witness with my human need for gentleness, kindness, softness and warmth. My soul KNOWS we are all connected, all of us, and I will hold sacred awareness, be a witness, as we all go through the growing pains and the fear to get to the truth of Us. The Oneness that we all come from. It’s who we all are.
Love conquers all.
I hold this to be true
but that does not mean that sometimes it doesn’t get messy.

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