Trust Your Intuition, Let Go of Control

The fact that I am writing this post makes me laugh.

I am a psychic. My job requires that I trust my intuition – And yet – when it comes to my personal life it often seems to be a different story. This is not an uncommon phenomenon and many intuitive/psychic people experience it. When it is about our own lives, or lives of those we love, we often lack the objectivity and neutrality needed to understand, accept and act on our intuitive hits. This is why each of us often have a couple of go to psychic friends to offer that neutral objectivity.  Also many people like to believe, myself included, that when you have an intuition of what is going to happen in life then maybe you can do something about it to change it or improve it…

Well….. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.

Anyway back to the story –

One of my son’s (RM’s)  speech therapy appointments is every Wednesday at 1:15p. We drive to the clinic and so he can meet with our wonderful Katy for 45 minutes of reading, singing, talking about stories and practicing pronunciation. Last Wednesday I got a feeling that therapy for this week, the day before Thanksgiving, was going to be canceled. I asked Katy if the clinic was open and if she would be there. She said yes, absolutely. So I said see you next week and let go of the thought.

Fast forward to the next Tuesday, yesterday, night and I get a phone call from Katy telling me that she had gotten an email from her clinic’s scheduling office that something had happened to  my son’s insurance authorization and she was not be able to see him since it would not be covered by insurance. Katy was thinking that maybe we were stopping therapy with her. I told her NO WAY! It had to be a mistake. When you find an amazing therapist for your child you do EVERYTHING to keep them. It was definitely not something that I had initiated. I told her I appreciated her calling me to let me know because otherwise we would have driven to the clinic and been denied therapy once we got there. That would have been a bad scene for my son, last minute changes are challenging for him, especially when he loses something he wants and he doesn’t understand why. It would have set off my mama bear response too as I would ask to speak to the manager, who knows me well. I knew I would have to follow up with my son’s insurance  support coordinator and the manager of the clinic via emails and  phone calls in the morning. Then I remembered my feeling last week of RM not getting speech therapy. Maybe this is what I had been picking up. The therapy session was going to cancel because of this paperwork mess up. Or maybe I was getting the opportunity to address and fix it.

This morning I emailed and called both RM’s support coordinator and the manager of the clinic to discuss what happened. To make a long story short there seemed to be poor customer service at the clinic and a paperwork error with the insurance. But, I had it all cleared up by 10am so that my son could attend his speech therapy appointment later this afternoon…

Within 10 minutes of hanging up the phone I get a text message from Katy, the speech therapist, she was calling out today due to her and her daughter being ill…

And so it goes. My intuition was right all along and even with everything I did to address any problems that came up, my son still did not get his speech therapy today, just like I felt would happen a week ago. But, I now have the clinic manager’s cell number so I can call her directly if there is ever another problem.

Life works in interesting ways.



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