Mediumship Lessons in Grief and Love

One of the most amazing things about the work I do is when I get information that I get to learn from too! When this happens I know the information isn’t coming from me but from a higher wisdom.

Case in point, I spoke with a client yesterday regarding her husband who died almost four years ago. I have been working with her for years and each conversation includes some mediumship work in connecting with her husband’s soul. She was talking about how she felt her grief changing and was finding herself starting to put away some of the pictures of them together. Something that she never imagined herself doing but it felt right now.

At this point I shared what I heard (I am clairaudient, among others, I hear messages) – “This is a part of the grieving process. When you get past the depths of the pain the connection with the person who died will be strengthened. The soul on the other side already feels the connection like that. There is no grief, nor time, nor separation, those are all human creations. So when you move past the sense of grief and separation you have the chance to feel the complete and unconditional sense of love your loved one on the other side already feels.”

As a parent who still grieves the death of one of my sons six years ago, this information made the hair on my arms stand up (I consider this a sign of confirmation) and I felt this information was for me too. The farther I move through my grief, the closer I get to my son’s pure soul. This is a change in perception for me. It is a common statement/belief that once a child of yours dies it is something you never get over, you grieve forever. And I still believe that to be true on some level but this information from yesterday helps me to understand how the depth of my grief might actually have been something that had separated me from my son not something that has kept us connected.



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