Om Mani Padme Hum

This has been my go to mantra these past couple of weeks.

With it I was shown a clear vision of those who are currently causing pain, distress, acting in fear and ignorance, simply stoping and stepping away from the harm they are creating. I am seeing this occur in all levels of power with all people.

I know the power of visualizations in my personal life. It is my intention to see it in the global setting.

I don’t claim to know HOW or WHEN this can happen but I can see it happen when just weeks ago I could not.

I have included a link that gives a simplified explanation of the mantra, if you’re interested.


Healing Grief

Random thoughts on a Monday night.

Grief is a reoccurring experience in our human lives…

Until it’s not.

I am of the personal opinion that it is unhealed, unresolved, unexpressed grief stuck in our hearts, minds, bodies, cells, DNA, souls, energy, that creates the trauma occurring in this world.

Hurt people hurt people. And there is so much more that most of us need to grieve, to heal.

There is no shame in grief or grieving. It is not more spiritual, evolved or aware to not grieve or not feel what you really feel. That is HOW we become more evolved and aware, by feeling it, going through it, or allowing it to go through us. There is growing, healing, kindness, compassion, and peace as we move through it.

Sometimes grief events are so big that it takes time, patience, gentleness and a lot of self love to move through it, bit by bit.

Sometimes it’s grief you caused. That can also bring up feelings of shame or more grief. And yet, there is still only one way through.

Sometimes there is so much grief piled on top of unexpressed grief on top of unresolved grief that we think it’s normal, that this is just how life is.

That’s not how we were created to experience life. That is not normal.

And yet,

The healing of our grief is our work to do, no one can do it for us. It’s our life job, to heal and love ourselves through it.

Because grief healed, forgiven, resolved and released is like the touch of the sun after a long, dark, scary night. There is no easy way out, only through. But it is so worth it. Resolving, releasing grief is the work of the courageous and strong.

Heal Your grief.

Heal Your world.

Heal THE world.



The Willingness to be Wrong

Saturday morning thoughts –

Education gives us not only new concepts and skills but also the language to discuss those new concepts and ideas and deepen our understanding even further.

When we do that we learn how to think differently and the entire landscape of our world changes.

We then have an evolved level of understanding which allows us to address and resolve the problems our previous thinking created.

The capacity to change everything around us IS within us when we are willing to be “wrong” and learn.

Peace –



A number of years ago I began a new mantra “I am free of fear.”

When I first started saying it I heard my mind fight back saying “NO – fear is not always bad, sometimes it keeps you safe.”

At first I didn’t know what to say to my mind’s response to my mantra so I did not respond and keep saying to myself “I am free of fear.”  After a day or two I went through it again.  I said my mantra, my mind responded

And then awareness blossomed.  Fear does not keep us safe, wisdom and understanding does.  While being fearful of fire might keep you away from fire it does not necessarily keep you safe from being hurt by fire. If you were put in a situation with fire it is very possible that you would be unable to act to take care of yourself, because of your fear.   But when you can approach fire with wisdom and an understanding of how it works and what it can do, there is no fear.  There is respect. So, no, fear does not necessarily keep us safe from anything, understanding does.

Then I became acutely aware of fear one early morning. I was lying in bed around 4am and suddenly I felt fear.  It was a heaviness, tightness and a darkness. It was like it flew in through my bedroom window. It came out of nowhere. I immediately started to attach reasons as to why I might feel fear.  My mind was trying to put labels to what I was experiencing.  I decided to say no to fear. I turned down all the thoughts and refused to play and attach to any of them. The thoughts became more chaotic, changing and morphing in front of me. Each getting more extreme. I continued to refuse to play. That is when an amazing understanding dawned on me… This fear was a random energy and not attached to a reason like; being unable to pay my bills, failing at my business, being alone forever. It was something separate, outside of me even, unrelated to me.  When I came to this awareness, fear stopped and something amazing happened.  I understood that I did not have to label it to match any experience I had, that I could simply see it as something that was not me, a separate energy and allow it go on by. I now clearly saw my habitual response of feeling fear AND THEN putting a label on it to fit my current situation.  When I stopped there was an instant shift within me. The fear was not mine and since I was choosing not to put a label to it, attach to it, it had no place to land.

For us, for humanity, it is not about eradicating the fear OF SOMETHING it is about DISCONNECTING FROM fear.  Our minds attach the “of something” – whatever it is that fits our life experience, fear of not having enough money, being cheated on, dying, of losing someone we love, losing our status – this list is infinite.  We have believed that when we experience fear there must be a reason for it.  We put a label on it.  I now understood that when we run around healing the fear “of something” we are healing small pieces, which while it is important, it’s not complete.

When we can experience fear as something that is outside of us then we can understand that we do NOT have to accept it as part of our being.  When we see it as something outside of us we can allow it to pass us by.  As fear has fewer humans who refuse to participate in it, it will be transformed to something of the light

Because there will be no other place for it to live.



I LOVE how the same thing can mean something very different depending on where I am in life.

Take the rain –

Living in Arizona for so many years, the rain always thrilled me – the coolness, clarity and the scent, oh my, the scent. Is there anything that smells cleaner? Not much. I loved it so much I was sure I would love Portland.

So I moved to Portland.

I did love Portland – And I lost my love affair with rain. It was no longer cool and clean. It became cold, moldy and dark. I learned I missed the HUGE blue sky of Phoenix, the smell of the orange blossoms and the feeling of the daily warmth of the sun.

As I look back, my perception change from rain as a gift to rain as a pain, thrills me!

Rain is rain, right? Or does it depend on how I see the rain more than the actual rain itself?

So, how we see things can actually be more important than the thing itself. Think about the freedom that comes with that. It is not about “what” it is but it is about our perception of it. And our perception is ours. We choose it, we control it, we can change it, if we want.


Energy Vampires – Yes and No

I was talking with some people about energetic vampires recently. You know the ones, the people who leave you feeling exhausted after spending time with them. They wanted to know how to protect themselves from the vampires without hurting them. First thing I want to mention on this is that I am using the term vampire to mean someone who is an energy drain, not that they “want to suck your blood”, per se, though it might seem like it sometimes. Many of the energy vampires we meet are doing this unconsciously, just to feel better, because they are in pain. Then there are those, narcissist and the such, who take your energy with the intention to harm. This message can work for all types of energy vampires though some, like narcissists, may need more work, focus and support to stop. Protecting your energy from vampires, conscious or not, without them getting upset or angry may or may not be possible, depending on their reasoning and point of view. But it can be done without malice or intention to cause harm. It’s all in the intention.

I think all of us have known people like this in our lives, sometimes we feel free to disengage by ending the relationship. Sometimes it is more difficult due to other situations and influences, like business or family connections. Regardless of the connection, the best way to end the energy drain is to maintain strong personal boundaries. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure that any time something shows up to you as harmful, painful or simply not something that resonates with you, this includes observing something happening around you, you hold your boundaries. Do not belittle or berate. Simply, do not agree. Do not participate. Say no.

On the flip side, when we say yes to something we open up our own energy fields to it. This is a good thing. It is how we create/manifest our lives. Your yes is your affirmation to your life and your energy. Direct it mindfully. Use it well. It is powerful.

The power of “Yes”. The power of “No”. Both are full statements, complete sentences and both are equally dynamic. When we do this, we mindfully close access to our energy and ourselves OR we mindfully open access to our energy and ourselves. Our choice.

If you are experiencing an energy vampire ask yourself what are you saying yes to that you would prefer to say no to? When you know that answer you can act mindfully and consciously. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am NOT saying that this will always be easy to do or pain free to act on, it might take practice and you might very well make someone angry, but whatever choice you make you will do it with knowledge and insight and both of those are intensely empowering.

Welcome to your awakening.


Pain – And the Popular Lies About It

The often popular idea that admitting, expressing or feeling “bad”, “negative” or “ugly” feelings or feeling physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual pain, is somehow saying that we are weak, or wrong, or not spiritually good enough, is crap. Let’s all agree to stop doing that.


No, really… OKAY??


There is no shame in feeling pain or sadness or grief. There is no apologizing that needs to occur and often there is no fixing that needs to happen.

Once we give ourselves the space we need to feel what we feel and are strong enough to give others the space they need, to feel what they feel, there will be less pain in this world. It is that easy and that difficult.

When we stuff, hide, deny or lie about our pain we create more pain. When we give our pain space and time to move through, it often will, naturally, on it’s own.

In our human experience we are given every opportunity to grow and evolve, sometimes it is painful – AND – when we allow that pain to move through us, we end up naturally growing and evolving.

Everything you need to evolve is right here, right now. Trust your experience, whatever that may be, even when it’s painful.